Enjoy data service in over 100 countries with just one SIM card from AIRSIM

Enjoy data service in over 100 countries with just one SIM card from AIRSIM

Thursday, Jul 26, 2018

For me, one of the most annoying thing about getting data services overseas is the changing of SIM cards. If you are a frequent traveller who straddle more than two countries, even a smartphone with a dual SIM feature is insufficient.

You have to always have a sharp pin ready and available to open up the SIM card slot to perform the delicate SIM card swap (not to mention you might drop your SIM card and lose it in the process). Imagine if there’s a single SIM card which allows you to enjoy data services globally across all the countries you travel to.

Enter AIRSIM. With simply one AIRSIM card, you can enjoy date service in over 100 countries!

Recently, I traveled to Thailand and Malaysia back-to-back and I tried out AIRSIM so I don’t have to swap SIM cards around. If you have a dual SIM card smartphone like me, I just need my regular Singapore SIM card for mobile data at home and an AIRSIM for my overseas data access now. That’s it! I no longer need to carry a little pin around or swap around SIM cards next time when I travel!

No more expensive roaming charges and no more time wasted on purchasing and installing a new SIM card at every travel destination! When I am overseas now, I simply toggle from my Singapore SIM card to AIRSIM, purchase the data plan I want and that’s it.

Here’s a simple video tutorial on how it’s done:

How to get AIRSIM

The process is quite simple really. In just four easy steps, you can get a travel SIM card delivered to you and activated. It’s all DIY, no frills and fuss free.

1. Get a AIRSIM SIM card

First thing first, you need to purchase a AIRSIM card to get started. You can purchase one either by buying a data package via AIRSIM’s website or via their mobile app, AIRSIM ROAM.

You will receive your AIRSIM by mail, together with a document featuring detailed instructions on how to activate your data package

2. Purchase a package for your destination

Next, simply select the destination, effective date, duration, and then pay with your credit cards. Once you arrive at your destination, the data package will be effective immediately.

The AIRSIM card is reusable. For subsequent travels, you can buy other packages or top up your credit accordingly.

3. Plug in your SIM on the day of travel

If you have a dual SIM phone like I do, you can keep your AIRSIM card permanently stored in your phone as the travel SIM card to toggle to whenever you are overseas. If not, you can swap it with your regular SIM card when you arrive at your destination.

4. Touch down and wait for network connection

Once you arrive at your destination, simply restart your mobile phone after you have switched to your AIRSIM card and it will prompt you with in-mobile instructions accordingly for your network connection.

You don’t need to do anything. The network connection with be activated by itself once it detects you are overseas. Thereafter, you will be connected and ready-to-go.

If you encounter any problem connecting with AIRSIM, customer support is available 8am to 11pm daily via email, phone call or whatsapp. They will get it fixed for you, regardless where you may be in the world.

The Technology behind AIRSIM

There’s no witchcraft or trickery here. AIRSIM is simply a special SIM card that combines Soft SIM and Over-the-AIR (OTA) technologies. When you are using AIRSIM abroad, their system will assign a suitable SIM card to your AIRSIM according to your location. The process takes just around 3 minutes for you to get access to the internet.

Tried and Tested Technology that is already Popular in Hong Kong

While AIRSIM is new to market in Singapore, they have been operating in Hong Kong for some time and with much success. The technology is tried and tested in another market similar to Singapore and is popular with consumers there.

Waste Less 

AIRSIM is reusable. You can do your part to be an eco-conscious traveller by opting for AIRSIM versus one-time usage travel SIM cards.

Never Travel without Access to Mobile Data Ever Again

With AIRSIM, you no longer have to hunt for a shop that sells travel SIM cards once you arrive at your travel destination. The time saved can be better used to enjoy your travel.

You no longer would have problem with forgetting to activate your overseas mobile plan or forgetting to collect or return your rented travel router.

Mobile data for just about any major travel destinations in the world is now available with just one AIRSIM SIM card.

Not just a data SIM but you can make international calls too 

One last thing – sometimes you may need to call hotel concierge, land lines or your cab driver who may not have WiFi or data access. As such, you would want to have the option to be able to make international calls on your overseas travel SIM as well. Fret not, AIRSIM have you covered.

First, you would need an AIRSIM account to use AIRTALK. Make sure you have the AIRTALK ROAM mobile app downloaded on your phone before departure. Verification of your mobile number is required during the registration. Please make sure that mobile number can receive SMS message.

Once all the registrations are done, you can then purchase AIRTALK package in AIRSIM ROAM. Upon arrival of your destination, you can use AIRTALK to call local and home numbers.

Enjoy your travel with AIRSIM!

Source: Alvinology