AIRSIM is a travel data SIM card that can be used in 130+ destinations outbound of Singapore. Using Over-the-AIR (OTA) and Soft SIM technologies, our system will transform AIRSIM  into a local SIM of destination based on the data packages purchased. The process will take only about 3 minutes. No more paying expensive data roaming charges and spending time to buy local SIM card when travelling. 

AIRSIM is reusable, just purchase the suitable data plan before traveling to your next destination by using AIRSIM APP or web, you can enjoy immediate mobile data service upon your arrival at different destinations using the same SIM card.

AIRSIM is reusable. One SIM + One APP for mobile data at different travel destinations.

Why choose AIRSIM

Why choosing AIRSIM

Mobile Data in 130+ destinations

AIRSIM work with mobile operators around the world to provide you mobile data service at local data rates.

Why choosing AIRSIM

Auto local SIM allocation

AIRSIM uses OTA technology. Our system will assign a suitable SIM to your AIRSIM according to your location.

Why choosing AIRSIM

Save Time

No more searching and queuing to buy a local SIM cards. Simply purchase data plan through AIRSIM APP or web before travelling.