You need to have an AIRSIM account to register and use AIRTALK. If you do not have AIRSIM yet, please purchase one from our Website.
Please download our AIRTALK ROAM Mobile App before departure, and accept all the APP permissions. One time password will be SMS to mobile number that registered to the APP. Please ensure that the mobile number can receive SMS message.
You can purchase AIRTALK package from AIRSIM ROAM mobile APP. Upon arrival of your destination, you may receive and make calls to home or destination country numbers.
If you would like to receive calls from Singapore, please divert your registered Singapore mobile number to 6761 6088 before leaving Singapore.
Prior to your departure from Singapore, press:
**21*67616088# → CALL
Our system will automatically divert all your incoming calls to AIRTALK and you can receive calls while you are overseas. Callers will be prompted to re-enter your number when you have diverted. Once re-enter, the call will be connected through AIRTALK app to you. Upon returning to Singapore, please remember to cancel the call divert.
Return to Singapore, press:
##21# → CALL
For receiving calls, only ONE registered Singapore mobile number can be diverted. Multiple call divert cannot be supported.
While using AIRTALK to receive calls from Singapore, please make sure the incoming call is coming from AIRTALK before answering.
For calling Local and Home Numbers, please use AIRTALK ROAM Mobile App to make phone calls. Please dial the country code and area code as well in order to make the calls.
For example:
Calling Japan, Tokyo Number: Press +81 3 1234567 Call

Calling Taiwan Mobile Number: Press +886 91234567 Call

Calling Singapore Number: Press +65 61234567 Call

If you require to download Mobile App AIRTALK ROAM while overseas, please ensure you TURN OFF data roaming, insert BACK your own SIM for SMS verification and download Mobile App AIRTALK ROAM under WiFi. Please make sure you allow all notifications. If you want to receive calls, please divert your Singapore mobile number to our system number 6761 6088 (Dial **21*67616088#), the App will ring when someone calls you. After all, you can insert back your AIRSIM and turn on data roaming again.
Please be reminded to check your mobile setting of AIRTALK if “Microphone” function has been enabled.
Please keep the AIRSIM card holder or take a photo of the ICCID, A/C number and activation code printed on the back of AIRSIM. You are required to register again with all the information to input if you switch to another mobile phone.